My Effort To Help Covid-19

We are experiencing an unprecedented time, and I would like to help the community by doing my part of what I am best at.

My Story

Chess is my passion, I learned at age 5. My first tournament was at age 6. Throughout my chess journey, I have traveled to several destinations nationally and internationally to play in tournaments I love teaching and believe that by teaching I can learn and know more about chess. My goal is to spread chess in the community and make people aware of what wonderful game chess is! Above all, it helps in life to bring the best of things to you.


My Goals

Coaching younger/less experienced players and making them stronger is my goal

I have had several coaches in my life and the impact a coach makes on a student is lifelong

What Is Unique About Me

Joining me would be a great idea as I am a very active player in the chess community, and I am able to understand the younger generations on the thought process as I am a student as well and similar stage at life I am currently a National Master and a Candidate Master. I have a flexible schedule I am up to date with chess openings and lines as I am always studying new openings Above all I am interested in student success and making the best use of time.

How Chess Has Helped Me Grow

I have played chess for over 7 years, and continue to learn and grow in my chess journey While playing chess I have learned many characteristics that help me today Patience- As you play longer chess games you learn how to be patient and think for extended periods Hard Work- chess is a game where luck is a factor, but luck supports those who work hard and study the game Deeper Thinking- Deep thinking is a great recourse because in life making planned decisions helps look into the future and not only what is happening now. In chess, we use this when we plan and calculate in a position.


My Bio

My name is Rushaan Mahajan I am a middle-school student

My Passion: CHESS!!! Basketball! Math!

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