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Learn2Chess Q13 Fox Interview

My Learn2Chess Journey

My Story

Hello, my name is Rushaan Mahajan. Currently, I am the Founder of Learn2Chess. Coming from over 10+ years of chess experience, I have grown to love chess and would like to spread the positive benefits that everyone can build from chess. My goal with Learn2Chess has been to create a positive community for chess enthusiasts and allow everyone to play a great chess game! Above all, I would like to instill a fun learning and playing environment for everyone.




My Goals

Passion & Curiosity

I have had several coaches in my life and the impact a coach makes on a student is lifelong


What Is Unique About Me

Playing chess for over a decade with people across the world 🌎, I relate with people of all backgrounds. Currently, I am a National Master and the top 1% of chess players in the US. 

Most important part is when passion meets curiosity 🙂

How Chess Has Helped Me Grow

I have played chess for over 10 years, and continue to learn and grow in my chess journey While playing chess I have learned many characteristics that help me today Patience- As you play longer chess games you learn how to be patient and think for extended periods Hard Work- chess is a game where luck is a factor, but luck supports those who work hard and study the game Deeper Thinking- Deep thinking is a great recourse because in life making planned decisions helps look into the future and not only what is happening now. In chess, we use this when we plan and calculate in a position.

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