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Tournament Testimonials

Parent/Student Testimonials

Parent Testimonials


Both my kids knew basic chess but with help of Rushaan, they learned new strategies and moves. Rushaan conducted these lessons very professionally. He was always on time. He explained each concept in detail, analyzed their games, and showed them how to improve. He even talked to parents afterward and made sure they are aware of progress and any other details. Weekly tournaments were a great way to showcase the skills against everyone. 

Keep up the great work. It is great to see kids at such a young age take charge and develop such a teaching program.


Learn2Chess has been very impactful for my kids and am very thankful to Rushaan. It has not only helped develop their chess skills but has taught them life long lessons like focus, patience, persistence, and sportsmanship for handling losses and wins. All the credit goes to Rushaan for being such a patient coach with a well planned and structured approach and orchestrating amazing tournaments for these students to test their skills. 
I have seen their confidence go up and they look forward to the chess classes and tournaments where Rushaan is continuously doing creative ways of making learning fun and interesting. 


The chess classes were systematic, planned, and well-executed. I had my doubts about the online chess class but Rushaan’s knowledge of chess and his familiarity with technology made this easy and fun for the kids to learn. They enjoyed the classes as well as competing with other kids online. The kids got the hang of opening moves, building their board positions, strategy, and ending moves very quickly.

Student Testimonials

Student #1

I learned a lot of new chess moves. For e.g. complex checkmates. Learned how to castle and developed new strategies. Weekly tournaments were great because I was able to play against many other players which enabled me to learn new strategies. 

Student #2

I learned how to checkmate an opponent in a simpler way. I learned to develop my pieces, control the center, and castle. I enjoyed weekly tournaments since I could play with other players and after a few games, I can understand their strategies and do not fall for it. 


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